Health and Safety


Wade Construction and Developments Ltd is dedicated to ensuring high levels of Health & Safety standards on all of its sites.

The company is proactive in the management of Health & Safety and employs a full time team of professional Health & Safety advisors, managers and auditors who provide support and advice throughout the company. They are backed by an external firm of Health & Safety consultants, who aid the company in keeping up to date with the ever changing legislation.

The Directors, being members of the Association for Project Safety, ensure that high standards are always met.Safety Hat and Plans

Regular safety meetings are held throughout the company and efficient communications exist to ensure issues, legislation and company policy changes are immediately implemented across our construction sites.

Staff attend regular Health & Safety training events, both internal and external and our Health & Safety competency and skill base is constantly reviewed and updated to reflect any changes.

All our staff have the opportunity to enhance their skills and qualifications in this area through our dedicated training.

We conduct regular contractor and subcontractor assessments and reviews and only use approved suppliers to provide and maintain safe plant and work equipment. Our robust programme of risk assessments ensures that we implement safe systems of work on site.